Who are we?

Ramzi Watfa is a veteran of the banking
industry since 1983. He started his career
in the City of London with the Royal Bank
of Canada, and was instrumental in
introducing what was then a first class
MIS asset management system into its
EMEA region. Ramzi is the founder and
CEO of 6 Sigma Group and holds a 50%
participation in 6 Sigma Risk Consultants.

Razvan Ionut is an experienced banker
with 15+ years of experience in corporate
banking and credit risk management in
some of the top 10 banks in the
Romanian market (Alpha Bank and
Bancpost). Following the take-over of
Bancpost by Banca Transilvania, Razvan
has decided to join Ramzi in establishing 6
Sigma Risk Consultants SRL, where he will act as Managing Director.

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